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ERIKA Body — White

ERIKA Body — White

Sometime you just want to feel special— meet ERIKA. She is elegant and wild, a piece with the most flattering cut out details to allow comfortable movement while accentuating your lovely curves with glamour.

Each bodysuit comes with a detachable strap for you to create a sexy cross back. ERIKA may look different from your ordinary top, but you will fall in love with how easy it is to pair her with any other bottom pieces in your wardrobe.

Full Coverage Back. Wash cold. 95% Modal, 5% Spandex.

Model wears a size S.

A New Language Barrier

In a recent study of over 3000 office workers Dhawan found that the average employee is wasting up to four hours per week on poor, unclear or confusing digital communication. If roughly three-fourths of face-to-face communication is nonverbal body language, what are we missing when we are no longer communicating face to face? When we are engaging with people on screen, Dhawan said, “We can't just sense if someone's on the verge of tears or really excited; we can't read the ‘lean in,’ in a sales conversation with a client, the way we used to.” Communicating digitally – through email, via text, on screen or by using digital collaboration tools requires that leaders and colleagues reimagine collaboration, trust and engagement.

Livrare si retur

Livrare comanda

Produsele comercializate de catre seller sunt livrate folosind servicii de curierat rapid.
Toate produsele sunt noi si livrate in ambalajul original al producatorului.

  • Incepand cu 2021-02-12 comenzile cu valoare mai mare de 300 lei beneficiaza de livrare gratuita.
    Taxa de livrare pentru comenzile cu valoare mai mica de 300 lei este de 18 lei.
  • Incepand cu 15/07/2021 beneficiaza de livrare Gratuita comenzile livrate prin lockere, cu valoare mai mare de 300 lei .
    Taxa de livrare pentru pentru aceste comenzi cu valoare mai mica de 300 lei este de 11.88 lei.

Valoarea totala a transportului va fi afisata in cosul de cumparaturi inainte de plasarea comenzii.

Politica de returnare

Pentru a va exercita dreptul de retragere trebuie sa ne informati cu privire la decizia dumneavoastra de a va retrage din prezentul contract, inregistrand o cerere de retur aici.
Potrivit articolului 9 alin. 1 din Ordonanta Guvernului nr. 34 din 12 iunie 2014 privind drepturile consumatorilor in cadrul contractelor incheiate cu profesionistii, aveti dreptul de a va retrage din contractele incheiate la distanta, fara a preciza motivele, in termen de 14 de la data la care intrati dumneavoastra sau o parte terta, alta decat transportatorul, indicata de dumneavoastra, in posesia fizica a produselor / a ultimului produs.
Daca va retrageti, vom rambursa orice suma pe care am primit-o de la dumneavoastra, inclusiv costurile livrarii, cu exceptia costurilor suplimentare determinate de faptul ca ati ales alta modalitate de livrare decat cel mai ieftin tip de livrare standard oferit de noi, fara intarzieri nejustificate si, in orice caz, nu mai tarziu de 14 zile de la data la care suntem informati cu privire la decizia dumneavoastra de a va retrage din prezentul contract. Vom efectua aceasta rambursare folosind aceeasi modalitate de plata ca si cea folosita pentru tranzactia initiala, cu exceptia cazului in care v-ati exprimat acordul expres pentru o alta modalitate de rambursare; in orice caz, nu vi se vor percepe comisioane ca urmare a unei astfel de rambursari.
Expediati produsele sau inmanati-le direct noua la adresa Str. Ziduri Intre Vii Nr.9, Camera 3, Bl. A, Et. 21, Ap. A213, Bucuresti, Bucuresti, fara intarzieri nejustificate si, in orice caz, in decurs de maximum 14 zile de la data la care ne-ati comunicat retragerea. Termenul este respectat daca produsele sunt trimise inapoi inainte de expirarea perioadei de 14 zile.
Va trebui sa suportati costul direct al returnarii produselor.
Sunteti responsabil doar pentru diminuarea valorii produselor care rezulta din manipulari, altele decat cele necesare pentru determinarea naturii, calitatilor si functionarii produselor.
Operatorii nostri va vor oferi suport in alegerea modalitatii de returnare si va vor oferi detaliile necesare cu privire la adresa de expediere a produselor, ambalare sau contactarea firmei de curierat.

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Digital Body Language: How to Build Trust and Connection, No Matter the Distance

Digital Body Language: How to Build Trust and Connection, No Matter the Distance

Erica Dhawan is a globally recognized leadership expert. She has spoken to organizations and enterprises that range from the World Economic Forum to U.S. and global Fortune 500 companies, associations, sports teams, and government institutions. Named as one of the top management professionals around the world by Global Gurus, Erica’s writing has appeared in dozens of publications, including Fast Company and Harvard Business Review.

Below, Erica shares 5 key insights from her new book, Digital Body Language: How to Build Trust and Connection, No Matter the Distance (available now from Amazon). Listen to the audio version—read by Erica herself—in the Next Big Idea App.

1. Reading carefully is the new listening.

While we once shared information across a table or phone line, today our conversations happen in written form, via email or an instant message. The problem is that we comprehend less when we read on a screen than we do reading print. We tend to skim and search instead of reading slowly and carefully. And a big reason we read so poorly online is that we’re typically feeling pressure to respond instantly. Our need for speed then leads to exchanges marred by miscommunication and confusion—the digital equivalent of talking over each other.

Ultimately, the goal is to show that you’ve really read other people’s messages by addressing all their relevant points and answering any and all questions. If it’s not possible to give a thoughtful answer quickly, let your colleague know you’ll get back to them with more answers when the time is right. One concrete action step is to establish clear response-time norms across all platforms with your team. For example, emails: respond within 36 hours. Calls: call back within a few hours, or text back to let them know when you can talk.

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2. Writing clearly is the new empathy.

The CMO of a pharmaceutical company was communicating with her team about preparing a presentation for a board meeting. She shared a quick idea over email: “Do you think we should add more research on oncology to the presentation?” She was picturing an extra two bullet points on one slide, but two weeks later, her team had spent 30 hours preparing 40 new slides on oncology research. So be mindful of writing “think-alouds,” and separate them from true marching orders.

Writing consciously is a critical mark of respect. Check your tone and think about how your message may be perceived, especially based on your rank. A lot of the time, misinterpreting an email could be due to a dropped word or misleading punctuation. The solution is simple: Proofread your emails before sending them. Take advantage of spell check and other proofreading programs. One concrete action step is to clearly define your expectations via email by bolding the text and/or using bullets to include the expected deadline, format, and length of the project.

3. A phone call is worth a thousand emails.

A good phone call can save lots of time while simultaneously generating goodwill. If you just received a vague or confusing text or email, don’t be afraid to request a phone conversation or, if possible, a video or in-person meeting. If it’s a sensitive dialogue, requesting a quick call shows that you’re thoughtful. Instead of making you look indecisive, waiting a few beats before responding to questions shows the other person that you are listening and taking your work seriously.

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With so many written platforms at our disposal, we can also get caught up in asking too many questions via email or group chat. Phone, video, or live meetings safeguard us from asking one tiny question after the next, instead requiring us to formulate the right questions. At the beginning of a project in particular, it’s more helpful to ask open-ended questions like, “Tell me what success looks like,” or “What do the best next steps look like?” This will prevent a slew of frenzied email chains.

4. Less haste equals more speed.

With the advent of the read receipt, as well as instant messaging forms such as Slack, it’s easier than ever to feel compelled to answer an email or message immediately. But typically, the moment we receive a message is not always the best time to respond to it. We need to fight the notion that you must respond to an email within 30 seconds.

To avoid responding to all your digital messages in haste, try blocking off time in your calendar to diligently and patiently respond to your emails, even if you don’t have time until the end of the day. Or if it’s a Slack message, perhaps you can respond, “Hey, I’ll answer your question in a bit” if you don’t have time immediately. Additionally, re-read what you’ve written before you send it—and double-check who is CC’d on the email!

5. Find your voice.

Brad, the SVP at a large gaming company, had observed a stark difference in the two Slack channels run by his direct reports, Allie and Dave. Dave, a self-proclaimed extrovert, had a Slack channel filled with emojis, GIFs, and memes. On the other hand, Allie, an introvert, had a more formal writing style, complete with bullet points. “With Allie’s Slack channel,” Brad says, “I’m at home. But I’ve learned that the best thing for me to do is try to become conversant in Dave’s informal digital body language too, even if it’s uncomfortable.” There isn’t a better or worse way of communicating between emojis and bullet points. The key for leaders is to create a digital environment that encourages a range of communication styles, so that everyone can engage authentically.

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This is even important across the introversion-extroversion spectrum. Give your introverted team members the time and space they need to excel; send them questions before a meeting so they can prepare, and leave your virtual office door open in case they have more thoughts after a meeting. As for extroverts, encourage the use of breakout groups on Zoom or Slack so that they have the airtime to talk out their ideas without dominating a teamwide meeting.

To listen to the audio version read by Erica Dhawan, download the Next Big Idea App today:

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"Erica was trying to get out for years and when she got out, then that's what I should have been," she tells RTÉ's Ear To The Ground.

"It was a hard job to make the first jump, but when I made it, that was it then."

Erica recalls first experimenting with women's make-up when she went into a Debenhams store in Cork in July 2019 and began talking to an assistant at a Lancome counter.

"I was interested in getting a bit of makeup and a girl asked me could she help me. I said I was interested in getting a bit of a make-up," she recalls.

"I just said to her I was interested in getting a bit of mascara. She said to me 'a lot of men are doing it now'. She was so nice and so easy, it just came out of me. I said I was transgender.

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Erica as a youth on the farm

Erica as a youth on the farm

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"It was just like the gates of the jail opening, I was free then. It was a total release. Erica was inside me trying to get out for years and years, but I just couldn't do it.

"You just couldn't be yourself. Even at times it was a fog, you'd be depressed, you couldn't be yourself. For years I didn't understand what I was."

Erica believes her parents would have accepted her if she had told them years ago.

"At the time I just didn't understand it," she points out. "I would have loved to have my hair long and earrings and dress like a girl. I couldn't do it. I wanted to but couldn't do it. I couldn't understand why. I never dreamt that you could have been born partly male or partly female, or whatever way it was — you were either one or the other and that was it.

"If my parents could have seen this when I was a teenager, what a release it would have been for me to go ahead with it. We could have had a happy, good relationship then."

She could never really confide in anyone.

Erica Coates shares her journey on Ear to the Ground

Erica Coates shares her journey on Ear to the Ground

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Личная жизнь

«Три года назад мы с мужем вошли в в Пражскую ратушу женихом и невестой, а вышли супругами», – написала она в своем блоге в ЖЖ в 2010-м. Множество свадебных фото, и ни на одном не разглядеть лица мужа счастливой Эрики – даже если он и попадает в кадр, она загораживает его лицо рукой. «Не любит, когда фигурирует на фото», – так она объяснила этот факт. Так и не известно, кто этот загадочный мужчина, хотя на протяжении многих лет мужская фигура со спины еще много раз появлялась в Инстаграм-ленте и в других сетях у Эрики Эвер. «Замужем и счастлива!» – так она заявила на передаче «Звезды сошлись» в 2018-м. А в своем блоге на «Яндекс Дзен» в мае 2020-го написала: «Детей пока нет».

Эрика Эвер: биография, личная жизнь, фото

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