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Men and women s cycle clothing for 2015, tried and tested

Men and women’s cycle clothing for 2015, tried and tested

Vulpine jacket

It might have escaped your notice if your main exposure to cycling is packs of dayglo-bright road riders and anorak-ed commuters, but bikes and fashion are currently enjoying something of a love-in.

Away from the specialist bike clothing, this means that the fashion world has decided cycling is trendy, even aspirational.

At the intersection of this process is what you might call everyday cycle clothing – jeans, shirts, jackets and the like, given some bike-friendly features, as well as the cachet that an association with cycling currently brings.

Within this realm you have companies coming at the designs from two different directions: largely cycling-based firms which take a strong interest in fashion; and mainstream fashion firms launching cycling-connected ranges.

We’ve tried out both sorts. I’ve been entrusted with the men’s items, while my colleague, Rosie Swash – now of the news desk but formerly deputy fashion editor – takes on the women’s ranges.

First, two very quick thoughts. To start with, are “everyday” bike clothes pointless? Well, that’s really for you to decide.

There’s an argument that if you’re cycling a very long way then nothing beats traditional bike gear, whereas ordinary clothes are fine for most else. That said, a good, breathable rain jacket which doesn’t glow like a high-vis beacon can be useful. But either way, it’s a debate for another day. These clothes exist, and it’s interesting to see how well they work and how good they look.

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Also: prices. We’ve tried to get a range but this is, currently, quite an upmarket area. H&M did carry a cheap range of bike-influenced clothes last year, but that’s now gone. So Marks & Spencer are the most affordable. At the other end of the scale I did ask to try out a couple of items from Paul Smith’s vastly pricey 531 cycling collection but their PR people refused. Maybe they thought we wouldn’t give back the clothes (we do).

We’ve given the usual list prices but it’s worth noting that some items are currently discounted in winter sales. Anyway, usual rules apply: if you believe a bin liner scavenged from a skip is sufficient waterproofing for all your cycling needs that’s well and good, but don’t get too antsy if others want to spend more.

Tummy Control

Tummy Control

CrinkleCrinkle данной вещи придана искусственная помятость, для создания стиля.


Delicate следует быть осторожным при одевании данных вещей, т.к. их структура может быть повреждена бижутерией или другими украшениями и аксессуарами.

Tapered Chino

Tapered Chino Коническая форма чиносов, от слова конус (зауженные к низу)

Laundered Shirt

Laundered Shirt

Double Faced Shirt

Double Faced Shirt





Kickflare – настоящие, расклешённые джинсы.


Bandeau – обозначение, что есть бретелька для шеи.


Performance – данная надпись на любом изделии означает, что в нём есть какие-то функциональности или инновации.




Boyfriend самые обыкновенные джинсы от Indigo. Свободные, с посадкой на талии, напоминающие джинсы «для парней», именно по этому модель называется Boyfriend.

Solid Brass

Solid Brass – латунная бляшка. Genuine Leather и Real Leather — натуральная кожа.

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