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How to improve Jaguar and Jazzmaster guitar bridges

How to improve Jaguar and Jazzmaster guitar bridges


The bridge design that is unique to Fender Jazzmaster and Jaguars is best described as ‘idiosyncratic’ and certainly worthy of an article as it can present a few problems. However, it’s also loved for its foibles.

If you want crazy sustain the Jaguar is not the guitar for you, put simply: the classic bridge ‘leaks’ vibration through its parts but also due to a shallow break angle over the bridge. The downward angle over the bridge is lesser on these guitars than others meaning that the bridge allows the strings to resonate behind the bridge.

On the Classic Player Jaguar, Fender have made some changes to the bridge and tremolo to combat these issues, such as moving the tremolo unit forward creating a sharper break angle. It also put in a Gibson style tune-o-matic bridge, which is more solid.

This modernised the Jag, but took away some of the ‘Jaguar-ness’. The merit of the bridge is much debated: some rate it, some hate it. Here’s how you can effectively wrestle with it and, hopefully, you will come out on top.

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