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12 Signs Your Jeans Fit Wrong; It Might Be Time To Part With Them

12 Signs Your Jeans Fit Wrong & It Might Be Time To Part With Them

How should jeans fit? Here

Ill-fitting jeans can be tortuous: Think red marks, gaping zippers, torn seams, and simply unflattering silhouettes. Finding the perfect pair of jeans might seem elusive, but the truth is there are plenty of options out there for all different body types. The tricky part is knowing what to look for and consider when searching for the perfect denim pair. And before you can find the best-fitting jeans ever, you have to part ways with what is not working. Ultimately, jeans should make you feel comfortable and confident to your fullest, and anything less is unacceptable.

A pair that fits well will make all the difference in a person’s day-to-day presence — after all, jeans are one of the most common pieces of clothing in a person’s wardrobe. “They possess the ability to be super chic or super casual, depending upon how you style them,” personal and sustainable stylist Thalia Castro-Vega tells Bustle. “They’re an effortless staple item.”

However, when it comes to shopping for and wearing jeans, it can often feel overwhelming to keep up with what styles of jeans are considered “on trend” in fashion, especially because not all cuts of jeans are flattering on everybody. As personal stylist Bee Stuart puts it, if a trend doesn’t suit you, then skip it. “Trends are an incredible way to keep your wardrobe feeling fresh, but if the trendy item doesn’t fit you well and make you feel good, then it defeats the purpose of indulging in the trend,” Stuart tells Bustle. “It’s more important to have your clothing fit and compliment your body than to be trendy.”

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Whether you feel best in straight leg styles, flares, or boyfriend cuts, figuring out how jeans should fit women’s bodies isn’t a one answer kind of thing. In truth, each body will require different design elements for a comfortable fit. That being said, there are some universal signs that a pair of jeans doesn’t fit. To get to the bottom of what people should be looking to avoid in a pair of jeans, Bustle asked style experts for their best-fit tips.

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